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Dental Implants

added on: September 10, 2014

Dental Implants: Why They’re the Best Choice.

Dental implants have been in use in dentistry for a few decades. Gradually, they have become more advanced, and more successful. Their minimally invasive approach to restoring dental functions to the mouth now make implants the choice method of treatment when it comes to tooth replacement.

In the past, inadequate bone levels could keep people from being candidates for dental implant therapy. Bone grafts were sometimes an option, but didn’t always provide enough additional bone support in certain cases. Thankfully, more patients are now candidates for dental implants than ever before. The implementation of technology like 3D CT scanning equipment allows dentists at Masella Family Dental to place implants where bone quality is the highest. This imaging and computer-guided implant placement makes treatment even more successful than the average dental implant treatment.

What makes implants so unique is that they can be used to replace as many teeth as needed. It can be a single missing tooth, a few teeth in a row, or an entire arch of missing teeth. Implants are so strong, they not only support individual crowns, they can support a full-mouth denture on as few as 4 implants.

Implants are made of titanium, which are then placed directly into the bone. Titanium is frequently used for joint replacement. The body clings to titanium and often builds new bone structure around it, further stabilizing it in the jawbone. Within just a few months, a newly placed dental implant is sound and secure enough to have the abutment and fixed restoration placed onto it.

Replacing missing teeth has other benefits other than improving your smile or how easy it is to eat food. It also prevents other teeth from drifting out of place throughout the mouth. When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth often lean into the space and create a chain reaction across a person’s smile. Even the tooth opposite of the missing tooth, which used to bite against it, may erupt further out of place. Replacing the tooth as early as possible can prevent these orthodontic complications from occurring.

If you’re considering implants or simply have questions about the treatment, we invite you to contact Masella Family Dental today. A simple exam and x-ray is usually all that is needed to find out whether or not implants are an option.

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