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Cosmetic Dentistry

West Caldwell Cosmetic Dentist & Dentistry Treatment

Beautiful Smiles, Confident Care

Feeling comfortable in your smile is a good thing. People with whiter, brighter, more beautiful smiles are seen as friendlier and full of self-confidence. At Masella Family Dental, we’ll help address your cosmetic smile needs. It may be something minor like a chipped or discolored tooth, or it might be more involved like reshaping your whole smile. Whatever it is, we have the options that you want when it comes to a better-looking smile.

Fairfield & West Caldwell Porcelain Dental Veneers

If you want a straighter, whiter smile in next to no time, porcelain veneers are a wonderful option. Veneers cover the front of the teeth, creating the appearance of a brand new smile with virtually no drilling of your existing teeth.

With veneers, you can correct the appearance of teeth that are:

  • Discolored or stained
  • Chipped
  • Crowded
  • Gapped
  • Short or misshaped

Fairfield & West Caldwell Full Mouth Restoration Services

Do you need a complete overhaul on your mouth? Whether you have missing, broken, or decayed teeth, we can help. Your full mouth restoration treatment will get the function of your smile back, and look great at the same time. We’ll utilize tooth-colored materials that look natural as well as withstand everyday use.

Fairfield & West Caldwell Gum Tooth Recountouring

Uneven edges of the teeth and gumlines can make teeth look irregular, or sized differently. By adjusting the contours of teeth and gums, a smoother smile line can be achieved. You’ll be amazed at how easy recontouring can be, and the dramatic results it offers!

Fairfield & West Caldwell Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone loves having a whiter smile. Thanks to our two whitening methods, we can help naturally whiten our patients’ teeth by several shades in a short amount of time. Whiter teeth can take years off of a person’s smile by removing deep-set stain particles that gather over time. Our patients can select from one of the following whitening options:

  • In-Office Whitening

    Same-day in-office whitening means that you can have dramatically whiter teeth in about one hour. We’ll apply a professional grade whitening gel to your teeth, and you sit comfortably for 45 minutes.. After 2 or 3 applications (45 minutes), you’ll have teeth several shades whiter without the need for any home whitening treatments. This option is great for busy adults or people with important events coming up!

  • Take-Home Whitening Trays

    Want professional whitening results but aren’t in a rush? Our custom-made whitening trays and professional grade gels are just what you need for dramatic whitening results. You’ll wear your trays for an hour or two each day, and see complete results in 10-14 days.

Drs. Mike & Tom Masella